Five free things to do in Rome

The first time I visited Rome I didn’t visit a single museum which is a precedent in my travels by this day. I love visiting museums and galleries and whenever I travel I make a plan in advance so I can get as much as possible from my trip. However, visiting Rome in the spring was a very refreshing change for me as it has so much to offer on its streets alone that you can have a very outdoorsy vacation without skipping the culture. This means you can see a lot without spending a lot which is always a win in my books. So here’s a list of my top five free things you can do in Rome.

1. Visit as many of the outdoor landmarks you can.
There are ruins and breathtaking buildings on every corner so walking the streets is like walking the halls of a great museum. You definitely want to visit the Trevi fountain, throw a coin and make a wish in it. Piazza Navona is my favourite place in Rome and I like going there a few times a day if my path allows it. The Spanish steps are a beautiful must-see and if you’re a fashion lover you’ll enjoy all of the luxury fashion shops at the bottom. You can browse the displays of Dior, Louis Vuitton, Versace and a lot of other familiar faces while walking towards Piazza del Popolo which is a gorgeous square you will definitely enjoy.

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2. Walk around the Borghese gardens and have a picnic on the grass.
There are stairs from Piazza del Popolo going directly to the Borghese gardens which are huge and very beautiful. The greenery is wonderful and even if you want to save your pennies and don’t go inside the actual villa-museum or watch a movie in the open summer cinema you can definitely enjoy the park and spend a good few hours there.

3. Walk around Trastevere.
Probably the most popular Roman district situated on the right side of the Tiber River, Trastevere literally means ‘beyond Tiber’. It’s a wonderful place for walks as it’s basically a labyrinth of narrow streets with tons of charming caffès, restaurants and shops and the majority of the buildings are dressed in flowers from top to bottom.


4. Visit the Pantheon.
One of the most popular Roman landmarks is free which is good news in every country. It’s a beautiful building which fascinates with its size and immaculate architecture. Of course the streets around the Pantheon are just as lovely, filled with beautiful hidden squares, fountains and caffès and are the perfect place to put the map away and get lost. Wherever you end up I promise it will be beautiful.


5. Visit a Saturday Market.
You might need to research this in advance but it’s definitely worth planning your walk around a marketplace. You can always find something interesting as there’s usually more than food and spices being sold and the fresh produce and flowers are always beautiful to look at. We visited the one at Piazza de’Fiore which is a small piazza one street away from Piazza Navona and we loved it so mush we went back for our second visit to Rome. The market is open ever day till noon and they have some great fruit you can buy – we found Nespole which was completely new to us and we haven’t seen it anywhere else. It’s an orange fruit about the size of an apricot and it has a pit. It’s very interesting and very good – I recommend you try it.


Those are my favourites at this point, hopefully after my next visit I will have more to share! (if I can restrain myself from going back to Piazza Navona a million times a day stuffing my face with nespole in the sun) I am skipping over the Vatican and all other churches – you can find many of them around and they are always free. I hope I gave you some ideas – get your map out and plan a great trip and feel free to like this post so you can refer to it whenever you need it. Safe travels!


My tips for visiting Rome

From all the places I’ve visited to date there’s no better place for me than Rome. Yes, there’s Paris and I love Paris very much but there is something about Tuscany and this city in particular that I find very difficult to top. There’s so much culture on every corner that I find it hard to comprehend how the locals go about their days as if they’re not living in arguably the best place ever.


So here are a few of my tips on how to go about exploring the city if you’re planning a visit.

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