Five free things to do in Rome

The first time I visited Rome I didn’t visit a single museum which is a precedent in my travels by this day. I love visiting museums and galleries and whenever I travel I make a plan in advance so I can get as much as possible from my trip. However, visiting Rome in the spring was a very refreshing change for me as it has so much to offer on its streets alone that you can have a very outdoorsy vacation without skipping the culture. This means you can see a lot without spending a lot which is always a win in my books. So here’s a list of my top five free things you can do in Rome.

1. Visit as many of the outdoor landmarks you can.
There are ruins and breathtaking buildings on every corner so walking the streets is like walking the halls of a great museum. You definitely want to visit the Trevi fountain, throw a coin and make a wish in it. Piazza Navona is my favourite place in Rome and I like going there a few times a day if my path allows it. The Spanish steps are a beautiful must-see and if you’re a fashion lover you’ll enjoy all of the luxury fashion shops at the bottom. You can browse the displays of Dior, Louis Vuitton, Versace and a lot of other familiar faces while walking towards Piazza del Popolo which is a gorgeous square you will definitely enjoy.

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2. Walk around the Borghese gardens and have a picnic on the grass.
There are stairs from Piazza del Popolo going directly to the Borghese gardens which are huge and very beautiful. The greenery is wonderful and even if you want to save your pennies and don’t go inside the actual villa-museum or watch a movie in the open summer cinema you can definitely enjoy the park and spend a good few hours there.

3. Walk around Trastevere.
Probably the most popular Roman district situated on the right side of the Tiber River, Trastevere literally means ‘beyond Tiber’. It’s a wonderful place for walks as it’s basically a labyrinth of narrow streets with tons of charming caffès, restaurants and shops and the majority of the buildings are dressed in flowers from top to bottom.


4. Visit the Pantheon.
One of the most popular Roman landmarks is free which is good news in every country. It’s a beautiful building which fascinates with its size and immaculate architecture. Of course the streets around the Pantheon are just as lovely, filled with beautiful hidden squares, fountains and caffès and are the perfect place to put the map away and get lost. Wherever you end up I promise it will be beautiful.


5. Visit a Saturday Market.
You might need to research this in advance but it’s definitely worth planning your walk around a marketplace. You can always find something interesting as there’s usually more than food and spices being sold and the fresh produce and flowers are always beautiful to look at. We visited the one at Piazza de’Fiore which is a small piazza one street away from Piazza Navona and we loved it so mush we went back for our second visit to Rome. The market is open ever day till noon and they have some great fruit you can buy – we found Nespole which was completely new to us and we haven’t seen it anywhere else. It’s an orange fruit about the size of an apricot and it has a pit. It’s very interesting and very good – I recommend you try it.


Those are my favourites at this point, hopefully after my next visit I will have more to share! (if I can restrain myself from going back to Piazza Navona a million times a day stuffing my face with nespole in the sun) I am skipping over the Vatican and all other churches – you can find many of them around and they are always free. I hope I gave you some ideas – get your map out and plan a great trip and feel free to like this post so you can refer to it whenever you need it. Safe travels!


The Cleanser Diaries

My name is Yvette and I am a cleanser-o-holic.
I didn’t used to be like this because my skin was very prone to breakouts when I was younger and whenever I found something that worked I stuck to it for months (years). And I hadn’t given it much thought until about a month ago when I was talking to a friend about a cleanser she wanted to buy that I discovered this time in my life is long gone as I was explaining to her how I have not one or two but eight! cleansers on a daily/weekly rotation. At the same time. While having back-ups of most of them and planning on buying new ones to try. I have, of course, put a stop to these cravings for now and am concentrating on using up everything I have stocked in the cupboard because of expiration dates and, you know, sanity. I am currently halfway though the spare of a favourite morning cleanser of mine and I honestly get a little panic attack every time I reach for it because ‘But what will I do when it’s finished?! Maybe I should savour it and use another one today’ and then I tell myself I have issues and use the damn thing. See, I wasn’t exaggerating when I said I had a problem.

My mental state aside, I’ll share with you my beloved collection and what I use each of them while they’re all still in my bathroom.


1. Starting with the oldest presence in my stash – the Avene Soapless Gel Cleanser. I’ve used this for more than 6 years and it’s the one I always have on the shelf and prefer to travel with. It’s nothing special but it’s just so good! It really cleans the skin without drying it, it removes makeup very well (I now use micellar water to clean my face before cleansing but years ago I used to go in with this directly onto dry makeup and it was just fab at removing it), it doesn’t sting the eyes at all, and if you want to take it up an extra step – it works great with a cleansing brush since it’s gel. I use it day and night, usually travel with it since it’s a one stop shop for me and my skin loves it. Not many people talk about it but if you’re looking for something that does the job give it a go. It’s pretty affordable and always on offer as well, so can’t go wrong.

2. My next big favourite is the Elizabeth Arden Skin Balancing Exfoliating Cleanser. While it has some exfoliating particles (I was surprised how few in comparison to most ‘exfoliating’ cleansers), I definitely don’t think this can be used for exfoliation. On the contrary, this is the creamiest, softest, most hydrating cleanser I’ve used. I mostly use it in winter and at night as it’s so creamy a quick cleanse doesn’t do it justice. I like to massage my face with it for at least two minutes and the results are amazing. It doesn’t work with my cleansing brush as the bristles just eat the product up, but if you want something really rich and moisturising, if you’ve been in the cold all day or your skin is seriously dry – you will love this. I recommended in to a friend recently and she loved it as an extra hydrating step. The choice of name is still a mystery for us. Side note: It really stings the eyes, definitely not one for washing off makeup.

3. The Avril Exfoliating Cleanser is the closest thing I’ve found to the Elizabeth Arden one and as with every vegan+cruelty free product I buy, I was very excited. One of Avril’s night creams is in my Top 5 so I had very high hopes for it. I don’t want to say it’s a bad product – it has the same level of creamy as the EA and that’s saying something. However, it has the opposite problem with the beads – they are far too many. For me, at least. I’ve never used a cleanser with so many beads (generous!) but this means it has to be used very sparingly otherwise it’s getting on the unpleasant side. Another thing I notice is that it leaves a thin film on my skin after using it which is not my favourite thing. However, it washes the skin nicely and leaves it very hydrated. It is my least used cleanser but I haven’t given it or thrown it away so that’ s saying something. In fact, I remember being impressed by it in the beginning so it may be that mine has gone off? It is all natural after all. Yay for investing in cruelty free brands as they deserve it. Last note on this – do not attempt to wash your eyes with it.


4. Next one on the list – Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel. As the name suggests I tend to use this in the morning because I buy into their whole ‘morning energy’ thing and who isn’t craving their skin to be full of energy while still wishing for the pillow and warm duvet? That’s right, no one, gimmie that gel. This is good, I like it, it smells nice and also works great with a cleansing brush. It cleans the skin nicely and calms down any irritations, it’s very gentle. To be honest it’s pretty close to my Avene one, only more sticky and gel-like -> thicker. I do like having it and do recommend it but not for removing makeup – definitely a morning only one.

5. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser. What a mouthful! This is another oldschool one – but I haven’t found anything to upgrade it to so I keep it around. Definitely a cleanser aimed at oily acne prone skins. Mine is combination (that can get oh so dry on my cheeks) so I use it as a treatment whenever my skin needs it. That time of the month or whatever breakout I have, a few washes with this and my skin is much calmer. It is a bit drying on me but I look at it like a disinfectant for my face, as romantic as it sounds. Especially if you have oilier skin and acne issues, try this. No bells and whistles, just does the job. Works great with a cleansing brush and mixes well with other cleansers.

6. My favourite find for the past year and probably splitting that Number One spot with The Soaples Gel one is Nip+Fab’s Glycolic Cleanser. This stuff is magic. It’s not a daily cleanser, not a good morning choice and maybe not even a ‘sunny weather’ one as it has 4% glycolic acid in it and you don’t want to expose your face under the sun after using it.
However, this thing has changed my skin. Granted, I do use glycolic pads, the Pixi Glow Tonic and glycolic face masks, but none of them leave my skin this … renewed, basically. It removes dead skin cells, all dirt, excess oils, I can’t even explain what it does but on the morning after and the next couple of days after using it my skin is glowing, soft and even. I was very pleasantly surprised as I definitely expected more from the tonic soaked pads than from a cleanser that spends only a couple of minutes on my face but it proved me so wrong. I use it on my cleansing brush for extra impact and have tried mixing it with the La Roche Posay one which also works great. It smells lovely of grapefruit and you only need the tiniest amount of this as well.

7. I’ve had a little sample size of the Clinique Foaming Facial Soap since around Christmas and I haven’t really used it much as I can never decide whether to keep it for travelling or really test it and not risk travelling with something I’m not sure of. It really foams up and it’s soft on the skin but I have to say I’m not blown away. It has a pearly creamy consistency which looks too chemical-y for me and although it cleans my face it also leaves this annoying film on my skin which makes me want to wash my face all over again. Granted, it does not annoy me as much when my face is dry and it sinks in but I still don’t think I’m going to buy the fill size. Not very fond of the scent either.

8. The last one in the current rotation is the Nuxe Reve de Miel Cleanser. I picked this up on a whim in Marseille last Spring. I hadn’t heard anything about it which is something I never do when buying skincare. I read all of the reviews before buying. But when in a French pharmacy might as well empty at he shelves, right? It’s a good cleanser but once it’s finished I know for a fact I won’t repurchase it. The first days of using it were very hard for me because of the smell. You know that Reve de Miel smell of sweet sweet honey? Yes, this has it. And while I love eating honey I can’t stand the smell of it in products, it’s too sickly for me. I have now completely blocked it/gotten used to it and it doesn’t bother me at all, however I once used it with my boyfriend in the bathroom and he was straight up offended by the smell so it’s definitely not for everybody. As a cleanser it does the job but it’s nothing special. It’s soft and I use it both day and night, with fingers and a brush. It just hasn’t given me that ‘wow’ factor. It’s not drying but on the other hand I feel my skin cleaner after using others, especially if it’s in the evening after wearing makeup. So, you know what, you can skip this one unless you love honey scents. It’s not a bad product so if you love the smell you’re probably going to love it. Sidenote: it’s brown which was also very strange to get used to in the beginning.

Those are they. My current eight. I have my eye on the Clinique Take the Day Off balm but in all honesty I don’t have the space in my cabinet at the moment so it’s going to have to wait. I hope you found this interesting and helpful and I really want to hear any recommendations of cleansers you love to get me excited about emptying those shelves and giving my skin a refresh!

Spring 2017 Fashion wishlist

Although it’s still freezing cold outside Fashion Week is currently going and for me this means SPRING. New collections are going into stock and I have been looking around online to see what I might want to buy for the upcoming season. I have a bunch of tabs I don’t want to close (in case I forget about the items), yet I don’t want to necessarily buy them now so I figured I’m going to put together a wishlist  and refer to it myself whenever I feel spendy in the near future.

Starting with these skirts, I need and love them all!
All Zara – Floral midi, full light blue skirt and this hot pink frilly number. I know I said I don’t want to shop at Zara anymore so I am not rushing into buying all of them and I’ll try to choose one and leave it at that. Only exceptions when it comes to the Inditex group.


I’m not a big heels wearer, but I fell in love with these Promod ones. I like them as they’re very easy to wear with pretty much anything yet they’re not plain. Perfect for someone with a small heeled collection.
The beige ones are so fun and are made for relaxed-fit jeans but I’d definitely wear them with skirts and dresses too. Since they’re Zara again I’m going to try and find something similar from another brand and yet – excited to wear something like this this season.
The third ones are a Topshop pair which prove that I am very much into embroidery (like the better part of the world) They are so feminine, I love them!


I surprised myself in not really liking any dresses as I am a big dress wearer, however I did find a few bags that I think would be very useful (and pretty) for Spring/Summer.
This yellow pouch from Promod, for instance. I’m not sure what I would keep in it but it looks like sunshine and it has a tassel and I want it. Who doesn’t need a pretty pouch anyway, you can always find stuff to fit into it.
The embroidered bag comes with a standard textile strap and this Fendi-inspired thick strap on the photo. It’s such a fun yet easy to wear bag and I would wear it with all three pairs of shoes, especially the embroidered ones, of course.
And lastly this backpack – it’s just so cool. I love this style and I’m a sucker for everything blue, but this is also very practical and I thinks everyone needs a bag like this for summer. Whether it’s for a long flight, for hiking or for going to a wild beach somewhere (which is what I usually do and a tote definitely doesn’t cut it), this is your bag. It looks light and easy to wash as well. Love!

The warmer it gets the more excited I am about running, ergo sportswear. Not that I need any more workout clothes but look at the pretty colours! Also, new and pretty always makes me want to go and actually use whatever I bought.
And again, the Inditex group. It’s so hard to ignore them when they make such good designs.


Here’s the top (although I don’t know it I’m brave enough to wear it with white leggings, probably with something like the blue ones at the end)
The parrot feather print leggings and the blue ones with the swirls.

This post took way longer than I thought! However, after days of scrolling and looking at new collections I can honestly say these are my faves at this point. I sincerely hope it gave you some inspiration! And if you have a similar post please share so I can see your wishlist as well!

3 days in Budapest – what to see

In the middle of January I had a quick city break in Budapest and I want to share my tips for visiting the city in case you’re headed there.

You’re planning a visit to Budapest for a few days and don’t know where to start from? I spent a quick but very sightseeing-heavy week there in the middle of January and have made a list of things you need to see even if you don’t have a lot of time but still want to spend your time wisely.

Firstly, I have to mention the Budapest Card as it’s what I used to move around the city. I haven’t bought a tourist pass before but this one came very recommended on all of the blogs and websites I made my research on so I decided to go for it and I’m not sorry. You can get it for 24, 48 or 72 hours and it gives you a lot of discounts but most importantly – unlimited use of all their public transport. I have to say that after I bought it I came across a Hop On Hop Off bus service that offered some very nice deals as well, so if you’re just staying in the centre of town maybe research that as an option to move around instead.
Now to my ‘What to visit’ list!

1. A promenade on the riverside of Pesta is a must. The view is breathtaking both during the day and the night, plus there is quite a lot to see if you walk the whole thing. We used a mixture of walking an hoping on and off the tram line #2 as it’s quite a long way. However, if you start from the Old Marketplace you can get to the Parlament building passing by a few beautiful bridges, the Palace of Arts, the National Theatre, a wonderful view of the palace and a million wonderful places to have coffee.


2. While you’re on the riverbank, visit the Old Marketplace. It’s very beautiful for a quick walk and while you’re there – it’s the best place to buy Hungary’s famous chilly red peppers from the source instead of a souvenir shop.


3. On the other side of the river you should definitely visit the castle and walk down the Fishermens towers. It’s basically the equivalent of walking on the riverside of Pesta, only it’s much higher and on the other side of the hill there’s a view of the rest of Buda –  let’s call it the less touristy side. You can get there walking for about 15 minutes or hopping on the old electric car to the top. The view is wonderful and you can see the parlament in its full glory. This is also where you realise how truly gigantic and beautiful the rest of the buildings are as well. Again, if you’ve got the Budapest Card there are a number of trams that can take you from one end to the other and there is a bus going way up to the castle and the towers.



4. Visit Városliget park. I’m sure the experience is much different in Spring/Summer but even in -5 and snow I loved the park and there is definitely a lot to see there.
The Zoo and Botanical Garden are there, the Széchenyi Thermal Baths are there, which are the most popular baths you’ve probably seen pictures of online, Vajdahunyad Castle which is truly impressive and a must see at least from the outside, and my favourite part (only available during the winter) the ice rink build in 1895. I loved this place, skating there was truly an experience and I definitely suggest checking it out. The rink is huge and has some pretty amazing views towards Hero Square and Vajdahunyad Castle on the other side.
This makes for a great day trip as right on Hero Square are the National Gallery and Museum of Fine Arts you can also visit.


Have you been to Budapest, can you offer something different for me to see? I definitely want to go back, maybe when it’s warmer as I’m sure it sill be a totally different experience.

And if you’re just headed there I hope my tips were helpful! Feel free to like this post so you can refer to it whenever you need it and have a great stay in Budapest!

January favourites

Although I believe these sort of posts are a bit outdated and overdone I personally still find them helpful if done right. So this is what I’m going for here. There are quite a few new things I’ve bought and have really changed my everyday life so I’ll give them a shout.

Starting with the biggest surprise – The Kent shampoo and scalp massage brush. It is magic. I randomly found it on and decided to give it a chance as it had amazing reviews everywhere I looked. I am so happy I did, I know it sounds a bit gimmicky and like it could be one of those things you use once and then forget about but for me it changed the way I wash my hair completely. I have a lot of hair and truth is I’ve never been able to wash my scalp like this thing does. Yes, it massages nicely and yes, it could tangle your hair a bit in the roots if you’re not careful but it washes my scalp so well I’ve noticed I can get away with up to two days more of not washing my hair. Try it, it’s so great! And quite bigger than I expected it to be from the photos!


Staying on hair, for Christmas I got a set of Revlon’s professional hair range – a hair mask and a multi-purpose spray for damp hair. And they both rocked my hair’s existence. First of all, they smell wonderful and even though I use a bunch of products while drying my hair I can smell them on my hair for days after. It’s beautiful.
Then, they are actually magic for hair. My hair is so shiny and soft and stays glossy and is not as tangled as usual – I am properly addicted to this stuff. Highly recommend!

I don’t usually go for youtuber merch but after browsing feelunique for far too long one night I ended up with one of Fleur’s lip glosses and I am not sorry. It’s soft and has great opacity, the staying power is pretty good and since I got a light shade I don’t mind reapplying anyway. It’s a great go-to product so I’ve kept it in my bag all month. The one thing that makes it a fave for me is it wears off beautifully. Evenly. No harsh outline or gross embarrassing bits of colour left on the dryer patches of your frozen lips (issues I’ve had with a couple of designer lipsticks this month – very disappointing) Would definitely repurchase because what more do you want in a lipgloss?


The biggest favourite of mine isn’t going to be a surprise since it’s been a sort of an elephant in most rooms this month – it’s La La Land. I know people either love it or don’t get what the hype is about but I definitely do. I’ve seen in four times already and the soundtrack is pretty much the only music I’ve listened to since. I’m a bit of a cinema/acting geek so I appreciate the technical/cinematographic side of things plus I really found myself relating to it – like most creative people have, I guess.

TV-wise I discovered The Good Place which my boyfriend and I streamed from Pilot to the last episode that’s out (which is 13th) in one go. It’s a sitcom so it’s very quick and easy to watch but most importantly – it’s clever. It’s funny and modern and interesting and it grabs you from the first episode but most importantly it’ The last episode impressed me even more and I highly recommend giving it a chance.

The one fashion favourite I have this month is a new pair of jeans I got from Promod. Although I got them in the middle of the month they’re pretty much the only pair of jeans I’ve worn since. They’re very high-waisted and are very much a 90s mom jean – not usually my style but I love them and can’t wait to style them when the weather gets a bit softer so I can experiment a bit more. Now you can barely see me underneath all of the jumpers I’m wearing. I’ll have  better photos of them in a haul post which should be up in the next couple of days.

The last thing I wanted to mention is journaling – bullet journaling to be precise. Or a very minimalistic version of it. I started the year with a lot of ideas of what I want to achieve wrapped in a main one – to be more consistent and efficient with my time and how I spend it. So I started a journal with my goals for the year and specific thing I want to work on through the month.
For example I’ve had it in my hеad for months that I need to work on my Excel skills and thanks to the timetables I made myself for January I spent a couple of hours watching Youtube tutorials and I am much confident in my skills now.
I am continuing this month with colour coordination and more specific weekday planning. Very excited to see how it goes!


I think I’m gonna wrap this post as I’ve rambled enough, I believe. I hope it gave you some ideas and please write to me if you’ve watched either the movie or The Good Place, I’d love to chat about them and what you think! Also, any journal advise from someone? I’ open to suggestions!

Have a great February, guys!