Spring 2017 Fashion wishlist

Although it’s still freezing cold outside Fashion Week is currently going and for me this means SPRING. New collections are going into stock and I have been looking around online to see what I might want to buy for the upcoming season. I have a bunch of tabs I don’t want to close (in case I forget about the items), yet I don’t want to necessarily buy them now so I figured I’m going to put together a wishlist  and refer to it myself whenever I feel spendy in the near future.

Starting with these skirts, I need and love them all!
All Zara – Floral midi, full light blue skirt and this hot pink frilly number. I know I said I don’t want to shop at Zara anymore so I am not rushing into buying all of them and I’ll try to choose one and leave it at that. Only exceptions when it comes to the Inditex group.


I’m not a big heels wearer, but I fell in love with these Promod ones. I like them as they’re very easy to wear with pretty much anything yet they’re not plain. Perfect for someone with a small heeled collection.
The beige ones are so fun and are made for relaxed-fit jeans but I’d definitely wear them with skirts and dresses too. Since they’re Zara again I’m going to try and find something similar from another brand and yet – excited to wear something like this this season.
The third ones are a Topshop pair which prove that I am very much into embroidery (like the better part of the world) They are so feminine, I love them!


I surprised myself in not really liking any dresses as I am a big dress wearer, however I did find a few bags that I think would be very useful (and pretty) for Spring/Summer.
This yellow pouch from Promod, for instance. I’m not sure what I would keep in it but it looks like sunshine and it has a tassel and I want it. Who doesn’t need a pretty pouch anyway, you can always find stuff to fit into it.
The embroidered bag comes with a standard textile strap and this Fendi-inspired thick strap on the photo. It’s such a fun yet easy to wear bag and I would wear it with all three pairs of shoes, especially the embroidered ones, of course.
And lastly this backpack – it’s just so cool. I love this style and I’m a sucker for everything blue, but this is also very practical and I thinks everyone needs a bag like this for summer. Whether it’s for a long flight, for hiking or for going to a wild beach somewhere (which is what I usually do and a tote definitely doesn’t cut it), this is your bag. It looks light and easy to wash as well. Love!

The warmer it gets the more excited I am about running, ergo sportswear. Not that I need any more workout clothes but look at the pretty colours! Also, new and pretty always makes me want to go and actually use whatever I bought.
And again, the Inditex group. It’s so hard to ignore them when they make such good designs.


Here’s the top (although I don’t know it I’m brave enough to wear it with white leggings, probably with something like the blue ones at the end)
The parrot feather print leggings and the blue ones with the swirls.

This post took way longer than I thought! However, after days of scrolling and looking at new collections I can honestly say these are my faves at this point. I sincerely hope it gave you some inspiration! And if you have a similar post please share so I can see your wishlist as well!


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